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We design our product through the lens of longevity and circularity to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Longevity — Built with materials for a lifetime of activities in mind to keep it in our gym bags and out of landfills.
  • Circularity — Expand the use of closed loop materials. Design for the end of life of a product by developing lifecycle solutions to repurpose, repair, and recirculate our used product.

SunAbove is on a path toward a more sustainable future, but we aren’t there yet. Our aim is progress, and our promise is transparency. To that end, here’s some of what we’ve been up to, and where we hope to go.


We are also committed to our environment and our community by continually striving to make our manufacturing greener each day by recycling plant waste and by using earth friendly materials in our products. We follow fair labor practices with all of our employees and business partners to create a sustainable work environment.


We guarantee absolute satisfaction on every article we sell. We use, and will continue to use, only the best in high performance fabrics and trims and will build upon our years worth of expertise to ensure the highest of quality standards on all of our garments.


We are also a local, family owned company. Our name, SunAbove, hails from the Sunny Scottsdale in beautiful Arizona. We draw upon nature and its energy for our inspiration, always remembering that our ultimate goal is to reflect the power of the sun in our designs, as well as our lifestyle.


We are committed to only ever using packaging that is both recycled and recyclable:

  • e-Commerce Deliveries — All customer shipments arrive in 100% recycled paper envelopes or recyclable boxes
  • Room to Grow — We are piloting a program to replace poly bags (the plastics that protect clothing in-transit) with paper alternatives

To address the other 30% of our impact, we are incorporating environmentally-conscious decision-making across all aspects of our business.

  • Headquarters — Run a stipend-based carless commuter program
  • Shops — Incorporating sustainable design elements in new builds, such as recycled rubber flooring
  • Partnerships — generate funds for and drive education around sustainability, conservation and carbon offsetting
  • Events — Eliminated single-use plastics from all community events
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