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Hey y’all!! We don’t know how you feel about waking up early for the gym but WE LOVE it! We find it helps me feel energized and clear minded throughout the day. With this being said we know it can definitely be difficult to stay disciplined if you’re someone like me who loves there bed and sleep way too much! Here are some tips that we have found have worked for me that you should definitely try out!

1. Have your workout outfit and gym bag ready to go Getting your outfit and gym bag ready the night before is super helpful because it means less time preparing in the morning aka more sleep! We also find myself feeling accomplished when we do this because we feel organized and excited to kill my gym session. Put on your outfit, grab your bag and head out the door!

2. Prepare your pre-workout snack/breakfast the night before This one is also super helpful because again it saves more time in the morning. It is super important to eat something before working out to give your body the fuel it needs. Before we started doing this we would either forget to eat or be too rushed that I didn’t have time to have something to eat quick which turned into me be so hungry during my workout that we didn’t have the energy that we could have had. We love to eat a banana with a tsp of natural peanut butter or a bowl of plain oatmeal with some honey, these are both super quick and easy and will give you that energy boost you need!

3. Find a gym buddy who will help keep you on track Find someone who will push you during your workouts and will keep you accountable and of course have fun too! This has been a great tool for me because we have found that in the past if were working out by myself it was so much easier to skip the workout which would turn into feelings of guilt later and thats never a good feeling. By having a gym partner you not only have made a commitment to yourself but you have also committed to that person which has definitely helped me stay on track, We mean when they’re waiting outside your house to pick you up its kinda hard to skip 😉

4. Go to bed early!!! I know I know this is definitely easier said than done but it really does help! I personally find that if I get at least 8 hours of sleep it makes getting out of bed that much easier. Some tools that I have used to get myself to bed early that have been helpful are putting my phone away an hour before bed- this can be hard especially with social media and such, turning my phone to “night mode” at 7pm, this turns the blue light off in your phone- theres a bunch of apps that you can use and there is also a setting on the iPhone you can use, and reading before bed- for some reason reading makes me so drowsy!

5. Treat yo self They say that everything you do should be in moderation so when I say “treat yo self” I don’t mean eat a whole bag of chips after every workout you do or I mean eat a whole bag of chips, do you girl! For me I have found that I tell myself if I keep on track all week I can pick myself up a yummy treat or buy myself that new pair of runners I have been wanting forever! Everyone deserves to treat themselves but make sure to reflect on your goals and expectations of that week. If you didn’t stick to the game plan like you wanted to maybe “treat yo self” will have to wait until next week! Either way don’t be too hard on yourself, keep going!!

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